Client Testimonials 


“My wife took our son to your class (Monday Total Skills) yesterday. She said it was amazing and the best she has seen!”

“We are very happy with the results after each hour at ATN. Scott Howes is a patient but firm trainer, he won’t let you miss a rep, at the same time he will stop to correct players doing the drill incorrectly. We see a major boost in Cole’s confidence in skating, carrying the puck, and shooting. Furthermore, we see a boost in confidence outside of hockey at school, social settings, and with friends. Thank you Scott and all the trainers at ATN.”

“Scott is a fantastic instructor.  My son plays AAA hockey and has a passion and love of the game.  He has been on and off the ice with a number of instructors.  The thing he loves most about Scott is that he takes the time to understand what he needs to improve on and then sets up a session that is challenging but fun.  My guy loves to compete and has tons of energy – Scott taps into that, knowing what buttons to push to keep him motivated and engaged.  I would highly recommend him to any child looking to improve and have a great time doing it!”

“Scott has been the most relevant hockey coach our son has ever had. The most difficult thing to teach a child is confidence. Thanks to Scott our son now knows he can do it and that love of the game has a lot to do with Scott’s encouragement. After our first session our son was out on the driveway practicing what he’d been taught and was so anxious to get back to show Scott the improvement. Scott’s personality is contagious. He has the ability to make kids want to be better players.  It is a gift that you don’t come across too often. I highly recommend Scott as a coach, not only for the skills he imparts on the kids, but more so how he interacts with each kid in a way that brings out the best in them.”

“Scott has given our son a renewed confidence in not only his shot, but in himself.    Right after the first time they worked together our son looked like a different player at his next game.  He had been in a scoring slump and that turned around after working with Scott.  What my son likes the most is the detailed instruction that he provides, emphasizing body mechanics in order to improve the shot – whether it is a wrist shot, forward, backhand and even a tip!  Scott is patient and listens to the needs of the player and focuses on making the weakness into a strength.  Our son loves to text Scott after his games to let him know about the great goal he scored!” 

“Jack came home super excited yesterday from hockey – he was showing me how he does his backwards crossovers – the correct way and the incorrect way – it was very cute. Great to see him so happy!”